Greytown Hotel

Dinner Menu

Starters / Shared Plates

Fries with aioli or tomato sauce         $7

Garlic Bread Freshly baked ciabatta with lashings of our own garlic butter        (v)      $10

Wedges with sour cream and sweet chili sauce    $12

Garlic Bread with Cheese     (v)       $12

 Bread & Dips Ciabatta with olive oil, balsamic, dukkha and caramelized onion   (v)      $12

 Olives & Feta warmed olives with feta cheese and bread  (v)             $14

 Crispy Calamari crispy fried breaded calamari on a salad bed with chipotle aioli     $15

 Lemon and Ginger Scallop wrapped in filo pastry, served with a sweet chili dip     $15                                          

Prawn Cocktail (single serve) classic prawn cocktail with a fresh seafood sauce       $15

 Pub Favorites

Wedges Works        $15

Potatoes wedges with bacon, cheese, sour cream and sweet chili sauce

Pizza (gf option available $2 extra)               $16

Thin based, choice of Hawaiian (ham, onion and pineapple) or Milano (pepperoni, capsicum and onion)

Triple Decker Sandwich                $16

Layers of chicken, bacon, cheese, garlic butter and tomato relish lightly toasted s/w Chips

Sea Food Chowder      (gf)            $15

Chefs signature chowder served with freshly baked crusty bread

 Home Baked Lasagne             $20

Served with garlic bread and side salad

 Classic Fish and Chips   (gf option available)           $23

2 Fillets of fresh fish coated in our homemade beer batter w garden salad, chunky fries and our fresh made tartare sauce

 Chefs Signature Burger            $20

Homemade beef burger, on a fresh bun stacked with lettuce bacon, cheese, mayo

and tomato sauce s/w chips

Steak, Egg and Chips       $25

Kiwi classic cooked to your liking

Farmhouse Mixed Grill       $32

A real hunger buster, sirloin steak cooked to your liking, pork chop, sausage, bacon, grilled tomato and chips

Summer Dishes

Risotto            (v)          $18                                      

Creamy mushroom risotto

Chefs House Salad            $19

Chorizo sausage, feta cheese, tomatoes and nuts bound in fresh garden leaves

 Fresh Pasta of the Day        $22

Fresh pasta dish changing frequently, ask your server for today’s option

Chicken & Bacon Salad        (gf)                   $22

Marinated chicken sautéed with bacon and spring onion, served on a bed of fresh garden salad topped with crispy noddle’s

Pan Fried Salmon  (A great Dublin favorite)      $24

Served on a bed of baby potatoes and fresh garden salad

Check out our blackboard for Todays Special!

Desserts           Please ask your server for the choices of the day

Or try our authentic Irish Coffee! (We throw in an Irish measure for luck)