Greytown Hotel

Dinner Menu


Soup of the Day with warmed bread                                                           (gfv)                       $8

Garlic Bread Freshly baked ciabatta with lashings of our own garlic butter      (v)                      $8

Garlic Bread with Cheese                                                                                                         $9

 Salt & Pepper Squid With chipotle aioli                                                         (v)                     $9

 Bread & Dips Ciabatta with olive oil, balsamic, dukkha and caramelized onion (v)                 $12

Bacon & Jalapeno Croquette  Served with caramelized onion                                               $12

Chicken Nibbles   Tossed in an orange and ginger sauce                               (gf)                 $14

Seafood Chowder & Garlic Bread Chefs own chowder recipe                         (gf)                $15

Traditional Pub Food      

Pizza                                                                              (gf)                        $16

Thin based, choice of Hawaiian (ham, onion and pineapple) or Milano (pepperoni, capsicum and onion)

 Beef, Stout and Mushroom Pie                                                                     $19

Slow cooked beef in Murphy’s Irish Stout and baked in shortcrust pastry s/w garden peas, mash & thick gravy

Home Baked Lasagne                                                                                 $19

Served with garlic bread and side salad

 Classic Fish and Chips                                                   (gf)                         $20

Fillet of fresh fish coated in our homemade beer batter

w garden salad, chunky fries and our fresh made tartare sauce

 Chefs Burger                                                                                               $20

Homemade beef burger, on a ciabatta bun stacked with lettuce bacon, cheese, mayo

and tomato sauce s/w chips

Steak, egg and chips                                                                                 $20

Kiwi classic cooked to your liking


Fresh Pasta of the Day                                                                                        $21   

Please ask your server about our seasonal pasta choices, vegetarian option available

Roasted Vegetable platter                                             (gfv)                            $21   

Served with a lightly spiced tomato sauce

Traditional Irish Stew                                                       (gf)                        $20

Tired and tested family recipe, beef or lamb (seasonal dependent) served with crusty baked bread

Chicken Schnitzel                                                                                       $23

Topped with a thick cheese sauce on a homemade potato salad

Oven Baked Salmon (A traditional Dublin dish)               (gf)                        $24   

Served on crushed potatoes and zucchini with thyme and lemon butter

Fillet Steak                                                                      (gf)                        $25   

Cooked to your liking w roasted gourmet potatoes, roasted capsicum, red onion and seasonal vegetables,


Please ask your server for the choices of the day