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Waipipi Vineyard - Waipipi Vineyard was established by the Bunny family in 1993 on the Opaki plains, 8km north of Masterton. Hugo and Wendy Bunny are now running the family vineyard The flagship wine is the Chenin Blanc Brut Methode Traditionelle. It is the only New Zealand Methode Traditionelle that we know of made from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes.

Paua World
- The home of New Zealand’s unique Abalone – the Paua.Here you will discover how the World’s most colorful shell is crafted to manufacture an exquisite range of jewellery, gifts and souvenirs that reflect the iconic status of the Paua shell to New Zealand.

Johner Estate
Johner Estate A passion for Pinot Noir... as great Pinot Noir lovers and winegrowers, we have one of the most famous winery estates in Germany well known by the circle of experts. When travelling the world, looking at the Pinot Noir we encountered New Zealand for the first time. The landscape felt quite familiar, but what even fascinated us more was the Pinot Noir. The "Cool Climate" conditions are perfekt and there's a booming spirit.


Gladstone Vineyard
is one of the most beautiful vineyards in New Zealand, situated on the old riverbed terrace of the Ruamahanga River. The Gladstone district in the Wairarapa is a fast growing wine area, as winemakers realise the potential of soil and climate that produce low yielding rich concentrated grapes.

Magie B

Alana Estate
First established In 1993 the founding shareholders headed by Ian and Alana Smart had a strong vision for this 17 hectares of land on the north edge of the Martinborough Terrace. 14 years later this dream has being realised beyond their original expectations.