Greytown Hotel


1860- Restaurant at The Greytown Hotel

Our focus is to bring market-fresh, seasonal dishes to your table. Chefs, Mike and Alejandra, shop fresh from local markets,  butchers and fish merchants.

All dishes are prepared from start to finish in our kitchen, from baking bread to pasta making to curing meats. We incorporate the techniques and cooking styles that Mike and Alejandra have learnt during their travels. You can expect a truly international experience, with Mike from Austria, Alejandra from Chile, alongside the Irish/Kiwi owners Tony and Ursula.

On-hand in the restaurant to help you with questions and wine selections are Malenka and Cristhian. 

 Available Thursday to Sunday 

Chef’s Choice Menu 17.10.2019 

LUNCH MENU  Available Tuesday to Sunday 12 to 2pm

Let us cater for your next function or gathering, we have set menu to suit tastes and budgets email

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