1860 restaurant

β€œAfter a good dinner one can forgive anybody,
even one’s own relations.”

- Oscar Wilde

Welcome to 1860 lounge where all dishes are prepared from start to finish in our kitchen, from baking bread to curing meats, using many Wairarapa products. Our focus is to bring market-fresh, seasonal dishes to your table.

Our kitchen team is led by Head Chef Michael Robitsch, Michael grew up in Klagenfurt, close to the Austrian border with Italy. Serving his apprenticeship in a fine-dining French restaurant, moving on to work in Michelin star restaurants Burghotel Oberlech and Wulfenia Hotel Salzburg. With a passion for travel, Mike has worked in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. Everywhere Michael travels, he picks up styles and techniques which he incorporates into his cooking, focusing primarily on flavour and texture. With a philosophy of cooking from scratch and always with fresh seasonal ingredients, he has found his true home in the Wairarapa among all wonderful food producers and growers.

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Restaurant open Thursday - Monday.

Mid Winter 2024 $45 3 course
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Wairarapa has an abundance of growers, and natural food producers which goes hand-in-hand with our philosophy to cook from scratch with seasonal ingredients. We use fresh herbs and lettuce from β€œHome Cottage Gardensβ€œ, fruits and vegetables from β€œPinehaven Orchardsβ€œ, fresh-cut meats from Sam at the β€œBig Apple” and β€œGreytown Butchersβ€œ. Our fresh fish comes from β€œTakitimu Seafoodsβ€œ, cheeses from β€œC’est Cheeseβ€œ, olives from β€œJuno” and honey from β€œGreytown Honeyβ€œ.